Tariquet 15yo Cask Strength Folle Blanche...

Tariquet 15yo Cask Strength Folle Blanche (47.2%): Back to the sample bottles and back to Armagnacs... This is a fifteen year old Armagnac from Domaine Tariquet distilled exclusively from Folle blanche grapes and bottled at cask strength.

Color: Dark copper color like old polished pennies with very slow moving oily legs around the glass.

Nose: Fennel seeds, pastis and heavily toasted oak. After allowing it to air other aromas join as well: Chocolate covered candied orange peels and ginger molasses cookies. Dried dill and white pepper. Ground coriander, vanilla and crystallized ginger.

Palate: A little thin on the palate. Metal flask, cinnamon apples and pear almond tart. Dark baking sugar, vanilla and dried apricots.

Finish: Medium long with tin lunch boxes, cinnamon and orange zest.

Overall: If you are looking for a daily drinker this could be your bottle... It is priced very decently, balanced and loaded on the palate with fruity and spicy notes. But to be honest those anise aromas on the nose made my day. Thanks to Michael Ries from Southern California Whiskey Club for sharing this sample with me.

Price: $56