Two European Oddities...

Bosch Edelbrand Exquisit Apricot Brandy (42.0%): Some might remember me tasting a quince brandy from the same producer last year. Bosch Edelbrand is located in a small town Lenningen south of Germany and they produce a large selection of brandies, eau de vies, liquors, whiskies and gins. This one is from the same "Exquisit" line-up like the quince brandy but it is distilled from apricots instead.

Color: Clear with tiny teardrops all around the glass slowly morphing to oily legs.

Nose: New make, acetone and apricot oil first but a quick airing helps. I returned after three minutes and voila! Juicy Fruit gums, Mirabelle plum eau de vie and apricot jam. Candied orange peels, fruit cake and a mix bag of sweetened dried fruits.

Palate: So hard to believe that it is actually 42% abv. It is unbelievably easy to drink, a little thin but velvety in texture and almost slippery on the tongue. Apricot marmalade, honeysuckle and flavored bubblegums. Yellow plums and fruit sorbet. Did anyone hear a fruit called loquat? It's exactly what it reminds me now...

Finish: Medium with some residual sugar and bubblegum.

Overall: I really enjoyed this one... Well, I am a big Mirabelle eau de vie fan and this one has a lot of similarities with that distillate, especially on the palate. Would pair perfect with sorbets and other fruity desserts.

Price: 60 (1 liter bottle)


Viscri 125 Plum Brandy (46.5%): Now this is a great story: My friend Florin who generously shared these samples with me stayed in a B&B called Viscril 125 when they were visiting Transylvania and apparently the owners of the B&B were serving this brandy during the meals. He liked it a lot and they agreed to hook him up for a bottle he can purchase and bring back. In Florin's own words: "As usual, somebody's uncle distilled it..."

Color: Clear again with even smaller teardrops around the glass eventually starting to run as oily legs.

Nose: Great nose... Burnt oatmeal raisin cookies, damson plum marmalade and dried black currants. Dusty... Bruised plums, hint of petrol and cellar mold.

Palate: Plum jam, beef stew and broth. Thick, oily and viscous... Black pepper, grape skins and worn leather. Cooked fresh herbs, rock salt and collard greens.

Finish: Medium with tart plums, pomace and medlar.

Overall: This was definitely a bottle worth to carry all the way from there. One of the best non-aged plum brandies I have ever tasted... It is easy to drink, packed with flavors and even though it is not aged in casks it is very well rested. There are no new make notes or alcohol burn from nose to finish. Thanks to Florin for giving me the chance to taste this brandy.

Price: N/A