Calvados Morin Napoleon 25yo...

Calvados Morin Napoleon 25yo (43.0%): Here is one from Normandy to celebrate the 76th anniversary of D-Day..! A 25yo Calvados Morin which is an estate producing high-end Calvados bottlings since late 1800s. Although their younger releases are usually matured in smaller casks they have a known process of transferring their selected older stocks to larger 300 - 400 liter capacity Limousin oak casks to keep them aging much longer in their famous very humid underground cellars carved into the hills of Eure Valley. This expression supposed to be blended using stocks coming from those cave cellars.

Color: Well, definitely the darkest Calvados I have seen: Dark amber, polished walnut wood color with oily, thick and slow moving legs.

Nose: Warm cinnamon apples, apple strudel and caramel peanut butter. Unmistakably Calvados... Moist pipe tobacco, leather upholstery and cigar box.

Palate: Way less apple on the palate than I expected... Ripe and buttery Bartlett pears, cranberry juice and milk chocolate. Perfectly brewed black tea, allspice, ground cloves and oak. Tri-blended peppercorns and melted butter. Cremini mushrooms, dried sour cherries and spearmint leaves. It is spicy, oaky and buttery... A well structured, silky and impressive mouthfeel.

Finish: Long with mint chips and cinnamon sugar.

Overall: Although there is nothing to complain about it to be honest the nose was far from being exciting. It was a little like "Yeah, another aged Calvados". But the palate delivered amazingly well... Butter, baking spices and enough tannins give a firm structure. Great cask management, amazingly well aged brandy.

Price: $150