Christian Drouin Hors d'Age Pays d'Auge...

Christian Drouin Hors d'Age Pays d'Auge (42.0%): Third Calvados in a row this week because why not..? This one is produced by Christian Drouin and all we know is that it is aged in small casks for more than 15 years. Like most of the other Calvados producers they are also not so keen to share any more info with us about their production or aging practices.

Color: Orange blossom honey, with a coppery shine and thick and slow legs.

Nose: Candied orange peel, chalk dust and touch of sulphur. After being aired that subtle hint of sulphur disappears quickly as well... Apricot jam, dried flowers and green wood. Clay pots, fresh spearmint leaves and dried apple rings. A lot is going on on the nose... 

Palate: A little watery... Pumpkin pie, cinnamon and nutmeg. Toasted wood and dried blood orange slices. After allowing some time in the glass it gets spicier, tad more bitter but definitely better. Dry apple cider, paprika and more pronounced wood.

Finish: Long with red pepper and dried apple rings again.

Overall: I quite liked it... I actually liked how more bitter and spicier it developed in the glass and I liked that it is not blended to be an easy drinker or crowd pleaser. It has a slight peppery edge and I enjoyed that a lot. It is one of those spirits which made me wish that I was a cigar smoker. I am pretty sure that it would be a good pairing... I think... What do I know about cigars..?

Price: $135