Glen Scotia 15yo...

Glen Scotia 15yo (46.0%): First thing first: How is it possible that I didn't review this whisky on the blog before..? God knows how many bottles we went through in this household in last three years. It seems like we are killing the bottles before I have a chance to sit down and scribble some notes. I intend to fix it today but before doing so let's talk  a little bit about the renaissance Glen Scotia is going through in last five years. After being neglected for decades Glen Scotia's rebirth started in 2014 after Loch Lomond Group acquired the distillery. With their serious investment the whole line-up got revamped, their distribution reached countries all around the world, distillery went through a huge make over adding a brand new visitor center, refurbishing all the on-site warehouses and even replacing one of the aging stills and most importantly they started to bottle amazing whiskies release after release. Under the leadership of Master Distiller Iain McAlister their cask management and blending process reached to unparalleled levels... This year unfortunately I had to cancel my annual pilgrimage to Campbeltown Malts Festival due to pandemic and missed the Glen Scotia Day but I am looking forward to be in that courtyard again next May with friends from all over the world.

Color: Medium amber, orange blossom honey color with an impressive thick and oily ring around the glass morphing into slow moving legs.

Nose: Orange peel, beeswax and very distant subtle peat. Stewed golden raisins and currants. Cellar mold, apricot jam and warm sea spray. A hot summer morning hike in a pine forest, pine needles and tree bark. A couple of drops of water works great: Bergamot, lightly brewed green tea and baby bananas.

Palate: Thin mouthfeel... Pecan caramel brittles, dry soot and red pepper flakes. Fresh ginger, whole cloves and salted butter. Adding water makes it dangerously easy o drink. Still spicy but less peppery now. Creme caramel, custard and char. Lightly toasted oak, brine and honey.

Finish: Long, dry and spicy with cloves, nutmeg and black garden soil.

Overall: Wait, what..? How is this whisky $60 a bottle..? It is impeccably balanced, shows its age in a most beautiful way and still tagged with a hard to believe price. It's tad peaty, dry, spicy, fruity and buttery. A perfect every day whisky. Although there isn't enough information about the maturation process other than them saying "...matured in our finest American oak barrels..." I am pretty sure that there are some sherry seasoned casks involved in the vat even though they are made of American oak rather than European oak. In the end this whisky has been one of my favorite go-to whiskies in last couple of years and this last bottle I uncorked today definitely reconfirmed it. 

Price: $60