Laberdolive Domaine de Jaurrey 1973...

Laberdolive Domaine de Jaurrey 1973 (44.0%): Laberdolive Sunday..! Back to "Six different vintages of Laberdolive" series with the fourth one and it's a 1973. This vintage is distilled exclusively from Ugni Blanc grapes picked from Domaine de Jaurrey.

Color: Medium amber, orange blossom honey color with viscous and slow legs all around the glass.

Nose: Dry cellar, copper pennies and felt. Vintage wool rugs and old damp glossy magazines... A little too moldy in the beginning so I decided to walk away and allow it to air for a while. Back in ten minutes and it did help indeed: Angostura bitters, cooked green bell peppers and root beer. Engine oil soaked rags, brand new stretched linen canvas and plaster. Unripe pears and fresh quince slices.

Palate: Aged pomace brandy, grape seeds and preserved grape leaves. Wet wool, ground cayenne pepper and ground coriander. With enough time allowed it opens up a little more: White cranberry juice, black pepper and lemon twist. Still has a damp and moldy bed underneath.

Finish: Long with red pepper flakes and lemon peel.

Overall: It has a strange profile... Mostly tannic, bitter and lacking most of the fruity flavors you would normally expect from a well aged Armagnac and/or you would wish to have more actually. Slightly overpowered by the cask and unfortunately lacks complexity compared to some other later vintages from Laberdolive I tried before.

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