Navarre Cravache d'Or...

Navarre Cravache d'Or (45.0%): And the last sample sent to me by PM Spirits is a Cognac bottled by Navarre Estate. It is funny that I actually remember Jacky Navarre's name from some Pineau bottlings I really wanted to purchase a few years ago... They were kinda expensive for a Pineau and I couldn't pull the trigger back then but I still remember those bottles. I really love a good Pineau..! Anyway, let's get back on track: This Cognac is a blend of casks holding spirits distilled from Ugni Blanc grapes only and of 20 year of age in average. It is non-chill filtered and bottled with no coloring, no sugar and no boise at 45% abv.

Color: Medium amber, dark yellow gold color with thin, fast but oily legs around the glass.

Nose: A little mute and whisky-like to be honest... Baked golden raisins, bitter greens and fresh dill. Apple cider, rock candies and camomile tea. Vanilla extract and lightly toasted tobacco. A couple drops of water add some floral notes: Hyacinths, jonquils and heather.

Palate: It is indeed whisky-like... Like an ex-bourbon cask matured single malt whisky to be specific: White cranberry juice, oatmeal cookies and cornflakes. Cake batter, vanilla and butter. Dry hay, dandelion leaves and white chocolate. Water thins out the texture quite a bit but now I am getting fresh peppermint leaves, lemon twist and elderflower cordials.

Finish: Long with white pepper, savory scones and crunchy grains. Some mint leaves, ground ginger and tarragon.

Overall: I am genuinely confused... I have never had a Cognac with a taste profile like this before. I know that it is unadulterated and I did have many unadulterated Cognacs before. It's not that... There is something totally different about the cask management here. I really don't think that there are many people out there who can identify this spirit as a brandy in a blind tasting, let alone anyone naming it a Cognac. No way..! It is grassy, minty and actually grainy and leads you directly to the direction of an ex-bourbon cask aged single malt whisky. And a very good one... It noses and tastes as confusing as it sounds but I absolutely loved it..! The cask management is masterful and the result is incredible. I definitely have to get a bottle of this as soon as I can locate one in the wild... Thanks to PM Spirits for sending me the sample without any strings attached. Like always the tasting notes and opinions above are all my own.

Price: $154