Benromach Organic...

Benromach Organic (43.0%): Don't you love when brands decide all of a sudden to redesign their whole look; logo, bottle design, packaging, etc. and stores go nuts to get rid off their old inventory and drop the prices down to almost nothing like their shelves on fire..? So, that's how I ended up with this bottle a few week ago... This expression of Benromach is certified organic by UK Soil Association, distilled in 2010 and bottled in 2016. The whisky spent its entire life in virgin oak casks.

Color: Yellow gold, oaked Chardonnay color with a ring of oily tear drops very slowly turning into thin but slow legs.

Nose: Freshly sliced Bartlett pears, tahini and almond butter. Baby bananas, charred oak and vanilla. After adding a few drops of water I am getting Nestle Crunch cereals, milk chocolate and milk actually.

Palate: Incredibly creamy... Spanish flan, white pepper and ground ginger. Cream soda, vanilla and roasted sesame and sunflower seeds. Clotted cream, ground coriander and loquat fruits. Water works even better on the palate, more fruity now: Dried papaya, pineapple juice and lemon curd.

Finish: Long sweet and also a little tart. White pepper, kumquats and tahini, Vanilla and lemon layer cake.

Overall: It is quite interesting how it tasted similar to some young American and Indian single malt whiskies I had the chance to taste within last year. It's probably the usage of virgin oak barrels and relatively faster maturation but there are some awful amount of similarities: Creamy texture, notes of tahini, roasted sesame and sunflower seeds, cake batter, and mild Middle Eastern spices. It is an incredibly impressive six year old whisky and even though I am not going to say how much I paid for this bottle I have to admit that I got incredibly lucky with this purchase... Another expression what I usually would refer as an afternoon or a session whisky to be enjoyed in summer months.

Price: $80