Domaine D'Aurensan 2009 Single Cask 10yo...

Domaine D'Aurensan 2009 Single Cask 10yo (43.0%): The second sample bottle from PM Spirits on my desk I am about to taste today is filled from a single cask Armagnac release from Domaine D'Aurensan which is the sister estate to Chateau De Leberon we tasted their Solera 2001 bottling a couple days ago. Both estates are owned by Rozés family and ran by their fourth generation siblings Caroline and Sophie Rozés. It is distilled in 2009 exclusively from Ugni Blanc grapes and aged in a 420 liter Gascon oak cask for ten years yielding only 110 liters in the end when bottled in September 2019 at cask strength. 

Color: Medium to dark amber with tiny teardrops around the glass eventually turning into thin but slow and oily legs.

Nose: Interesting but I am getting lot of sulphur from this... That's not something you would experience often in Armagnacs. Let's walk away for a while and let it air. Back after fifteen minutes: Dried figs, cooked raisins and rock candy. Molasses cookies and lamb stew. It noses like it was a hell of an active cask... Hard to believe that the spirit is only ten years old at this moment.

Palate: Molasses, balsamic vinegar and pipe tobacco. Thick and chewy mouthfeel... Like it was on the nose it tastes way older than it is. Airing works on the palate as well. It actually gets sweeter and less tart in time. Mead, caramel brittles and pecan pie. Sauteed mushrooms, aged rum and crystallized honey. Cinnamon, Zante currants and ground cloves.

Finish: Medium with burnt sugar, vinaigrette and honey roasted nuts.

Overall: I have to be honest here: That first sniff loaded with sulphur made me worried quite a bit. It's pretty odd actually how my threshold for sulphur got lower and lower in years... Anyway airing patiently worked great and it was all good after. Like I mentioned above it noses and tastes quite older than a ten year old spirit. It is tart and sweet with a syrupy mouthfeel. If you would imagine what a PX finished Armagnac would taste like this should be pretty close to that. Thanks again to PM Spirits sending me this sample for review purposes.

Price: $125