Jane Walker 10yo...

Jane Walker 10yo (41.9%): After a failed attempt of just repackaging some of Johnnie Walker Black Label bottles in rush with the newly introduced Jane Walker icon a couple years ago without changing anything in the bottle Diageo finally managed to come up with a special Jane Walker blend. It is a blended malt and the big majority of the malt whiskies in the blend are sourced from Cardhu distillery in Speyside for a special reason: Cardhu caught a huge fame in 19th century by producing excellent whisky and a remarkable financial success by being the main supplier of Johnnie Walker whiskies under the leadership of two extraordinary women, Helen Cumming first and Elizabeth Cumming, Helen's daughter-in-law later. Elizabeth Cumming rebuilt the distillery in 1884 and tripled its capacity gaining the title "The Queen of the Whisky Trade" and eventually sold the distillery to Johnnie Walker & Sons in 1893 for a sum of £20,500 securing her family's future for generations to come. So, in the end this limited edition blended malt whisky created by and named after their Master Blender Emma Walker using malts distilled in the Cardhu distillery in the lead and other malts from Diageo's warehouses in supporting roles launched in March 2020 to celebrate the Women's History Month. Enough talk... Let's pour some and start to write down what we think.

Color: Oh, screw cap..! Love it..! Yellow gold, Sauternes wine color with a thin ring of slowly evolving teardrops around the glass.

Nose: Fruity, light and sweet... Red plums, nectarines and underripe peaches. Chamomiles, gummi bears and pear compote. Cold ocean spray and hyacinths. Some subtle and delicate peat evolves after letting it air for a while: bicycle tire tubes and grilled vegetables. Thin but great nose...

Palate: Hint of peat... Fireplace ash, mocha and burnt bits. Concorde pears and linden tea. White pepper, vanilla frosting and ground ginger. More stone fruits and pears.

Finish: Medium-to-long with white pepper, ground coriander and copper pennies.

Overall: I am pleasantly surprised... What a wonderful session Scotch. I can drink this anytime of the day and wouldn't complain one bit. It would be a great companion to a pint of ale in a crowded bar, would be good before dinner or in front of your TV after dinner, I personally would love to sip it while I am cooking or watching a game and it is also perfect as a nightcap. Seriously... I loved it... By the way I wonder if there is a significance of 41.9 as the abv or is it just a number they ended up with after blending the whisky and diluting it down to where Emma Walker preferred it to be.

Price: $33