L'Encantada Domaine del Cassou 1988 Single Cask 31yo...

L'Encantada Domaine del Cassou 1988 Single Cask 31yo (45.1%): And while another busy and hectic yet bizarrely fast-moving week finally winding down I sat down today to taste another Armagnac sample soon to be released by one of our favorite independent bottlers L'Encantada. It is a 1988 vintage single cask distilled by Domaine del Cassou from 100% Baco grapes. After being aged in their wet cellar for 31 years this single cask is finally making its way to US bottled exclusively for Total Wine stores and will be available to grab in Fall 2020.

Color: Light amber, deep yellow gold with thin and fast running legs.

Nose: Dusty and chalky... Breakfast cereals, lemon cookies, white peaches. Candle wax, raw honey and fresh ginger. Just a couple drops of water bring out old glossy magazines, damp basement smell and vintage vinyl covers.

Palate: Quince paste, tart apple cider and preserved grape leaves. Tart and a little salty: Pink grapefruit slices with sprinkled salt, sea salt and beeswax. Coriander leaves and aged Grappa. Adding water dials the salt down, more tart now: Gose beer, Granny Smith apples and gooseberries.

Finish: Medium to long and dry with salt, cider and apple vinegar.

Overall: Unlike you would expect from an Armagnac which spent 31 years in a cask. It's dry, salty, dusty and tart... Although it makes you think that it is a grain based spirit in the beginning it starts to change after allowing it to air with sour beer, pomace brandy and grape leaves notes on the palate. I personally loved it and cannot wait to get a bottle for myself when they hit the shelves but if you are a person who would expect a sweet, oaky and somewhat syrupy Armagnac at this age I strongly advise to taste it first. On the other hand it would be a great bottle to introduce Armagnac to a Scotch lover. many thanks to PM Spirits for the sample.

Price: $185