Tom's Foolery BIB "K&L Custom Blend" Applejack...

Tom's Foolery BIB Applejack "K&L Custom Blend" (50.0%): This is the third spirit we will be tasting on the blog from Tom's Foolery Distillery and their second Applejack. It is a Bottled in Bond expression blended exclusively for K&L Wine and Spirits from three different casks of different sizes and origins. The casks were numbered as #66, #85 and #410. Their Applejack is double distilled from locally sourced apple and crabapple ciders using the distillery's small pot stills. No sugar, coloring and/or flavoring agents are added.

Color: Rich yellow, oaked Chardonnay color with thin but very oily and persistent teardrops around the glass.

Nose: Quite mute in the beginning... I'll let it air for a few minutes. Much better after a few minutes: Apple danish, vanilla frosting and almond butter. A few drops of water add lemon curd, orange marmalade and lemon cookies.

Palate: Baby bananas, dried apple and pineapple rings and toasted oak. Pecan brittles and baked apples. Quite dusty... Water works on the palate as well: Lemon zest, cookie dough and vanilla. 

Finish: Medium with lemon zest, vanilla and ground ginger.

Overall: A very pleasant bottling... Not too oaky by any stretch, pretty fruity, refreshing and very easy drinking brandy. Tom's Foolery is a distillery seriously worth to follow in coming years... Thanks to Mordechai Fishman for generously offering this sample from his own bottle.

Price: $50