Clairin Casimir...

Clairin Casimir Single Estate Haitian Rum (48.3%): And the second Clairin sample to follow Clairin Vaval I posted about yesterday... This one is distilled in Casimir Distillery in Barraderes which is a small village at the western end of the island. Without a doubt the most interesting fact about Faubert Casimir's distilling practice is introducing some fruits, herbs and vegetables to the wash during fermentation to add additional qualities.

Color: Clear with oily and thick teardrops around the glass turning quickly into slow moving legs.

Nose: Tomato juice, pickled tomatoes and cooked celeriac. Incredibly vegetal, juicy and mouth watering... Sauteed root vegetables, heated olive oil and feta cheese in brine.

Palate: Green banana peppers and tomatoes on the grill, olive brine and sea salt. Cooked mushrooms, burnt lemon and grapefruit peels and fresh rosemary leaves. Fish sauce, white wine vinegar and thyme.

Finish: Long and kinda metallic with olive oil and dried green herbs.

Overall: From the nose to the finish I really couldn't help myself thinking of Bloody Marys all the time... It is so hard to believe that what we have in the glass is a pure distillate and not an infused spirit or a cocktail. Although it is very interesting and tasty with all the incredibly highlighted vegetal notes it makes you feel a little limited in the end. A tasty distillate regardless...

Price: $40