Clairin Sajous...

Clairin Sajous Single Estate Haitian Rum (54.3%): The third and last Clairin sample I'll be tasting this week comes from Chelo Distillery in St. Michel de l'Attalaye. Unlike other distilleries on the island who are usually equipped with a single short column still Chelo Distillery is using a steel pot still connected to a copper rectifier feeding a separate small column  to distill their spirit. It is also the bottling with the highest abv compared to the other two Clairins I tasted here on the blog before.

Color: Clear and like Clairin Vaval it forms an amazing necklace made of tiniest teardrops around the glass not willing to roll down as legs for the longest time.

Nose: This is the least vegetal and the most fruity nose among three Clairins I've tasted so far. Concorde pears, canned pineapple rings and again canned peaches. Lime wedges, white sugar cubes and fresh mint leaves: Mojitos or more like caipirinhas..! This is the nose I am having the most fun to be honest... Chamomile and bitter greens. Adding a few drops of water blended all what I have listed above nicely... It's like nosing a well crafted cocktail now.

Palate: Rubber mat, barbecue smoke and black pepper. The palate is more savory than the nose but still very fresh: Cucumber, rock salt and lime juice. Mangos and papayas. With water: Prickly pears, cilantro and dandelion leaves.

Finish: Medium to long with white pepper, ground coriander and rosemary leaves.

Overall: This is definitely my favorite... By far... It's just a great white rum, period. Good for sipping and would work great in every great cocktail. I think I will try a daiquiri first and then mix it with ginger beer and a lot of ice. Brilliant distillate.

Price: $40