Crown Royal Regal Apple...

Crown Royal Regal Apple (35.0%): 
We won this bottle at our favorite neighborhood joint The Shack at the Oscars party last February..! I honestly didn't know what to do with it afterwards and it was staring at me from the shelf since. For some odd reason today I felt like: What can go wrong..? forgetting the lesson learned from tasting Crown Royal Maple Finished almost four years ago. So, this one is a Crown Royal infused with Regal Gala apples (here is the scary part) and "apple flavors"... So, let's see if they could keep the flavoring part at a reasonable level this time.

Color: Proper caramel coloring... Medium amber, polished penny color with fast pretty distinctive legs around the glass you wouldn't expect from a 35% abv spirit.

Nose: It is intense... Like a test tube holding a highly volatile ester solution crashed on the lab floor. All of a sudden the whole room started to smell like green apples. Green gumballs, green apple jelly beans and mint jelly. Sour apple rings and white sugar. This not a pleasant experience at all... Waiting and airing doesn't make it any better. Let's take a sip and make this whole thing end as soon as possible.

Palate: Oozing sweet... Almost undrinkable. After you get over the immediate sugar shock: Mint jello shots, Smucker's apple jelly and white sugar cubes. There is nothing else to pick really...

Finish: Short but painful with mouth coating burn of artificial sweeteners and Mentos green apple drops.

Overall: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me... I have no idea what I was thinking and why I actually was expecting something better. I think I still cannot quite understand why Crown Royal don't want to be more subtle with these flavored whiskies. It really beats me... I do get that they are made for mixing and not for sipping but still... Who wants to have that much artificial flavor and sugar in their cocktails..? Anyway, we move on... Now if anyone has any idea about what to do with this and how to use it I am all ears.

Price: $23