Monteru Chardonnay...

Monteru Chardonnay (40.0%): Today I have the second expression from Monteru's single grape eau de vies lineup on my desk and this one is distilled from Chardonnay grapes. Let's see how it will compare to the Riesling we tasted yesterday.

Color: Again bright oak aged white wine color but this time with slower and more visible legs compared to the Riesling.

Nose: Orange blossom honey, baked flaky pastry and floral perfume. Damp basement rug, lightly roasted coffee and milk chocolate. Green plums and aloe vera. This nose is less sweet and less citrusy. It's doughy and nicely dusty.

Palate: Although being very watery as well in texture it's less sweet and vegetal like the nose suggested. Dried chamomiles, honey syrup and linden tea. Sweet paprika and ground ginger.

Finish: Medium with white pepper, ginger and dried flowers.

Overall: This is actually quite a big step up from the Riesling... It's savory, balanced and also pretty quaffable by its own to be honest. But one can only imagine how it could improve if it was simply bottled at a higher abv. It is incredibly thin in texture, fades away before delivering all it has and loses its depth very quick. Well, I hope these Monteru single grape eau de vies will continue to improve at this rate while I continue to taste through the lineup. I have two more to go now: Merlot and Cabernet...

Price: $40