Monteru Merlot...

Monteru Merlot (40.0%): And the third bottle from Monteru's single grape eau de vies lineup about to be uncorked is Merlot. It is bottled at %40 abv like its siblings Riesling and Chardonnay.

Color: This is darker than the two previous ones even if it is only by fraction... Yellow gold, honey syrup color with fast running but thick legs after forming quite large teardrops around the glass.

Nose: A little tart in the beginning... Woolen blanket, Granny Smith apples and sour worm gummies. Ruby Port, chalk and maple candies. Four berry jam and sparkling water. It's mineral, sweet and sour.

Palate: Very winey on the palate... Watered down (Communion) red wine, Earl Grey tea and cranberry juice. Cardboard boxes, ground coriander and chalk.

Finish: Medium with red pepper flakes, fresh cilantro and plastic food containers.

Overall: This is the one I liked the most I guess... The texture being so thin and watery is still bugging me a lot but this bottling has actually layers to explore both on the nose and on the palate. The fourth and last one from Monteru is the Cabernet and hopefully will be the on the blog soon.

Price: $40