Glen Scotia 10yo Peated...

Glen Scotia 10yo Peated (46.0%): An extremely lucky find... Actually I admit that it wasn't even me. If our friend Elijah Ammon didn't spot this bottle on the shelf and messaged me asking if I want him to grab one for me or not I wasn't even aware that this expression made its way to US. Apparently it is a limited release bottled in 2018 for US and Germany only that I've never heard of. It is Glen Scotia's heavily peated spirit matured in 1st fill ex-Bourbon barrels for ten years.

Color: Yellow chiffon, straw like with thin, fast but oily looking legs.

Nose: Burning hay bales, sea spray and rosemary sprigs. Crunchy dry malt, digestive biscuits and breakfast cereals. White pepper, damson plums and fresh cheese. Very enjoyable... Lemon zest, spearmint leaves and charcoal.

Palate: More peat on the palate than the nose suggested... Vegetal, ashy and creamy. Grilled asparagus tips, grilled green banana peppers and sea salt. Peppermint, toasted oak and yellow grapefruit. Clotted cream, white pepper and dried rosemary.

Finish: Long with a tingling sensation on the tongue. Oak, mixed peppercorns and oyster brine.

Overall: It's neither very sophisticated nor a very layered whisky but it's damn tasty for my two cents... It's vegetal, smoky and citrusy with the very familiar Campbeltown backbone made of sea salt and dairy and cheesy notes but also quite unexpectedly peppery from the nose to finish. It also has a great price tag attached to its neck which makes this expression worth to hunt for. I already started to ask around to see if I can locate another bottle because I am afraid this one will go down way faster than I thought initially. Another great release from Glen Scotia.

Price: $50


Johan said…
Awesome find and review as usual. Now I had to hunt it down and happily secured it. Just waiting for the GS 11yo Sherry to be released :)