Inchmurrin 12yo...

Inchmurrin 12yo (46.0%): After spending the Labor Day Weekend with Paul John's two new releases I am back at my desk to continue with the Loch Lomond horizontal I started last week. Second whisky to follow Loch Lomond 12yo in is Inchmurrin 12yo named after one of the islands in Loch Lomond... Although Inchmurrin will be dropped as a separate brand from the distillery's recently revamped portfolio it will still stay as a part of their vocabulary and the whisky will be called Loch Lomond Inchmurrin 12yo. In last couple of years Loch Lomond has been on a continuous upward trajectory. I have tried many interesting bottlings released both by the distillery and by independent bottlers and most of the time I was very impressed not only by the quality of their distillate and by their solid cask management but also by their pricing policy in general as well.

Color: Medium amber with a copper shine and quick and thick legs.

Nose: Straw, dry hay and caramel brittles. Dusty and chalky... Crunchy malt, dried apples and dried papaya. Woolen blankets, asparagus and oat. I am very much enjoying this green and yellow nose at this moment.

Palate: Malt, apple skins and toasted grains. Tarragon, rock salt and lightly charred oak. Cask aged genever, Scottish tablets and dandelion leaves. Beautiful ex-bourbon barrel maturation... Cream soda, dried pineapple rings and vanilla. It's grassy, dusty and creamy.

Finish: Medium with white pepper, ground coriander and ground ginger.

Overall: Stunned... I want this whisky in my whisky cabinet as soon as I can find a bottle of. This is the type of whisky that made me fall in love with ex-bourbon matured whiskies more than a decade ago. It's grassy, dusty and cereal. Packed with tropical fruits, vanilla and bitter greens. Another wonderfully spirit forward and crunchy session/pub whisky from Loch Lomond and I certainly liked it way more than the Loch Lomond 12yo I tasted last week. And it costs 40 bucks a bottle... Seriously, I have to get a bottle of this.

Price: $40