Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 62 Cask #2 "Serious Brandy" pick...

Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 62 Cask #2 "Serious Brandy" pick (40.3%): This cognac is one of the two sister casks sourced and bottled by Jean-Luc Pasquet exclusively for the Facebook group "Serious Brandy" which is an extraordinary group focusing on all kind of brandies and run by none other than Steve Ury formerly known as "Sku" from Sku's Recent Eats fame. Both casks are filled in 1962 with spirits distilled 100% from Ugni Blanc grapes grown in the same estate in Jurignac, Petite-Champagne which makes the Cognac aged in them about 58 years old. The bottle I am about to pour from into my glass is from Cask #2...

Color: Medium amber, orange blossom honey with a red mahogany tint. A very thin and persistent ring is formed all around the glass right after the first swirl which slowly morphs into thick and oily legs.

Nose: Mint jelly, black cherry juice and aged balsamic vinegar. Dried apricots and freshly sliced peaches. Peach melba, candied cherries and candied figs. Fruit tarts, pastry cream and cranberry jam. Unbelievably fruity for a 58 year old spirit... Dominated by both fresh and candied fruits, cream, vanilla and dry old oak. After allowing it to air and a couple of drops of water later: Woolen scarves, leather upholstery and unlit cigarettes. Lemon cookies and cake batter.

Palate: Even fruitier on the palate... This time it's sweet and tart: Passion fruit, prickly pears and red plums. Sliced mangos and dried papayas. Guava, pomegranate seeds and fruit punch. After some time in the glass it gets drier and oakier and water also dials the tartness down a notch which I was actually enjoying a lot: Lemon chamomile tea, salted yellow grapefruit and cheese brine.

Finish: Medium to long with toasted oak staves, white cranberry juice and cookie dough.

Overall: Well, I was already expecting something special given that the cask carrying Sku's seal of approval but this is a true stunner. Tart, sweet and creamy... Tropical fruits, subtle spices and salt. It is beyond my understanding how a spirit can spend 58 years in an oak cask and still preserve this level of fruitiness. Top notch cask management. Damn, it tastes good... Many thanks to Steve Ury for making this magnificent bottling available for us and convincing Pasquets to partner with him. I am already excited about the future bottlings..!

Price: $245