Paul John Oloroso Select Cask...

Paul John Oloroso Select Cask (48.0%): Oloroso and PX are the two brand new releases from Paul John joining Classic and Peated permanently to extend the Select Cask line-up up to four expressions. Let's start today with Oloroso Select cask and PX will be follow after: The whisky in my glass spent its first five years in 1st fill ex-Bourbon barrels and then got transferred into specially constructed hogsheads for an additional two years which were put together using staves of ex-Oloroso butts sourced from Andalucia, Spain.

Color: Cherry wood with a distinctive red hue and a great looking persistent thick ring around the glass turning very slowly into oily legs.

Nose: Roasted peanuts, tahini and leather upholstery. Classic Paul John nose with sesame and roasted sunflower seeds but somehow thicker and more dense. Sugar molasses, ground cloves and pumpkin pie. Candied orange peel and dried apricots.

Palate: Pretty hot on the palate first which caught me by surprise to be honest considering its relatively low abv. Woolen scarves, chocolate stout beer and black cumin seeds. Old dusty cream sherry, bourbon pecan pie and brown butter. Chestnut honey and touch of sulphur. It's thick and syrupy, almost chewy...

Finish: Long with bees wax and brown sugar. Cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

Overall: It is a whisky punching way above its age and abv. and justifying for me its rather high price tag attached to its neck in the end. It's textured, viscous and balanced... A quiet muscular dram you want to end your night with. Many thanks to Koray Kaan Ă–zdemir a.k.a. Whisky Monster for providing all the detailed info and also this sample for the review without any strings attached.

Price: $115