Paul John PX Select Cask...

Paul John PX Select Cask (48.0%): Second Paul John sample in a row and the second permanent addition to the Select Cask line-up following yesterday's post about Oloroso. This one is called PX and it is finished for two years in ex Pedro Ximenez butts sourced again from Andalucia, Spain after being aged originally in 1st fill ex-Bourbon barrels for five years.

Color: Almost identical to Oloroso but without the red hue. Dark amber, chestnut honey color with the same initial thick ring around the glass but with quicker forming legs this time.

Nose: Cinnamon rolls, dark raisins and Snickerdoodle cookies. It's very doughy, sweet and cinnamony. Cooked currants, buckwheat honey and apple butter. Candied pecans and touch of sulphur...

Palate: Sulphur is pretty up front in the beginning but letting it air helps... Cinnamon rolls, pain aux raisins and almond butter. Red pepper flakes, fig paste and milk chocolate. It's weighty and creamy... Sweet grape molasses and balsamic vinegar.

Finish: Long and peppery... Cinnamon syrup, red and black cracked peppercorns, oak and ground ginger. 

Overall: If "sherry bomb" is your thing buckle up and get ready for a ride because you are in for a serious treat..! This whisky is like PX finish on steroids. It's thick, chewy and nutty. From nose to finish it oozes cinnamon, raisins, balsamic and molasses. The ultimate sherry bomb lover's care package... Personally I preferred Oloroso because I am not that much of a sweet tooth when it comes to whisky but I can totally see how people will go absolutely nuts about this release. Thanks again to Koray Kaan Ă–zdemir a.k.a. Whisky Monster for the sample. All the notes above are my own.

Price: $125