Compass Box Hedonism (MMXIX-A)...

Compass Box Hedonism (Batch MMXIX-A) (43.0%): I really enjoyed going on a Compass Box binge last week and decided to add another one for today... I am not entirely sure if they released another Hedonism batch in US market after this one which carries the code MMXIX-A so it might as well be the most current one. But if it's not it definitely is one of the newer ones... The last Hedonism I reviewed on this blog was a bottle from 2003 or 2004 which I ran into in Boston almost six year ago. So it's been quite a while... Batch MMXIX-A is blended using 46% 1st fill ex-bourbon barrel and recharred American oak barrel matured grain whisky distilled in North British distillery and 54% 1st fill ex-bourbon barrel matured grain whisky distilled in Cameronbridge distillery.

Color: Unoaked white wine, pale yellow gold color with slow, oily and thick legs.

Nose: Carpenter's shop: Dry lumber sticks on the shelf, saw dust on the floor... Dried sage leaves, felt sheets and granulated sugar. Corn flakes, pineapple juice and coconut flakes. Peppermint Altoids, roasted walnuts and juniper berries. Vanilla...

Palate: Dry and pretty spirit forward... Sesame seeds, peppermint and lightly toasted wood. Touch of petrol, white pepper and ground coriander.

Finish: Medium to long with white pepper, ground ginger and wood shavings.

Overall: In my experience Hedonism evolved as a more distillate forward and less cask influenced blend in years which actually suits to my palate more. It is vibrant, nutty and fruity. Not quite as doughy and buttery as the older batches and seems like carrying more fresh but less dried fruits on the nose but still maintaining its nice thick texture and creaminess. Thanks to Scott Ellis the Western Region Manager of Compass Box for the sample.

Price: $115