Watt Rum Travellers Distillery 13yo...

Watt Rum Travellers Distillery 13yo (57.1%): Last sample from Watt Whisky's inaugural releases I will be tasting and blabbering about today is also the only rum they put on the shelves for now. It is safe to assume that it will be many more in the future hence the name change on the actual label from "Watt Whisky" to "Watt Rum". It is a Belizean rum from Travellers Distillery (Yes, two "L"s indeed. It's not a typo)... The spirit is distilled in 2007, aged in an ex-bourbon barrel for eight years in Belize first and then shipped to the other side of the Atlantic to be allowed to mature longer in the same barrel for five more years. It is bottled eventually in 2020 when it was thirteen year old and after its abv being reduced to 100 imperial proof. 326 bottles have been made available.

Color: Medium amber, brand new copper penny color with teardrops all around the glass basically refusing to morph into legs.

Nose: Vanilla extract, brown sugar simple syrup and butter tablets. Cola, ginger molasses cookies and coconut cream pie. After adding some water it's way more approachable and fruity: Mango slices, fresh pineapple rings and baby bananas.

Palate: Quite hot at this abv. Pine honey, rosemary leaves and pipe tobacco. A few drops of water works like magic: Coconut water, caramel brittles and cinnamon. Maple candies, cream soda and ice wine. Light and thin on the palate but in the best possible way. Silky mouthfeel and easier to imbibe at this slightly lower abv.

Finish: Medium with maple syrup, cookie dough and cinnamon.

Overall: I couldn't find any notes about other Belizean rums I tasted before in my notebooks and I don't remember if any of them were from Travellers Distillery or not but I clearly remember tasting a few from Cadenhead's before and liking them a lot. This particular one didn't surprise as well... It's incredibly balanced, fruity and tropical. Easy to sip by its own with a couple of ice cubes but I also see the potential of how it would shine in any classic cocktail with the help of its high abv. It's definitely a great rum to release as your first. A guaranteed crowd pleaser... I better pay more attention to Belizean rums.

Price: £80