Watt Whisky Blended Malt 19yo...

Watt Whisky Blended Malt 19yo (44.9%): Our unofficial Watt Whisky week is in full swing: Fourth sample is their first blended malt. The youngest component in the blend is distilled in 2001 and was 19 year old when the sherry butt the whisky was aging in got dumped to yield 630 bottles in total.

Color: Light to medium amber, orange blossom honey color with fast running but thick and oily legs.

Nose: Oloroso sherry (duh...), fresh strawberries and red plums. No sulphur whatsoever... Ripe apricots, four fruits jam and peaches. 

Palate: A little thin in texture but it's packed with flavors... Less fresh but more stewed and dried fruits: Golden raisins, prunes and peach cobbler. Stone fruit compote, candied orange peels and dark muscovado sugar. Aged rum and grape molasses.

Finish: Medium with raisins, sticky toffee pudding and cloves. Touch of paprika and chili powder towards all the way to the end.

Overall: There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this whisky. Seriously... A beautiful harmonious old school blend which feels like spent quite a long time together in a marrying cask. It actually reminded me the old El Vino blends we used to purchase for our hotel room back then every time we visited London. 

It is the dusty bottle you dreamt of finding on a shelf of a small town off-license waiting for you on every road trip you took in Scotland. Which of course never happened... With days getting shorter and colder it is a bottle you would easily kill in a week if not earlier while reading the latest release of your favorite Tartan Noir writer. I have the one and only Ian Rankin's "A Song for the Dark Times" next to me right now... I would grab a bottle in a heartbeat if I could find this blend here in US. Thanks for the sample Kate..!

Price: £80