Cadenhead's Unnamed Speyside 18yo Campbeltown "Virtual" Malts Festival'20...

Cadenhead's Unnamed Speyside 18yo Campbeltown "Virtual" Malts Festival'20 (52.3%): Coming slowly to the end of the Campbeltown "Virtual" Malts Festival'20 releases we started to taste one by one earlier this week. The next to the last one is the Cadenhead's bottling... It is an 18yo whisky distilled by a Speyside distillery which shall remain nameless (cough - Glen105 - cough). Two casks were blended together for this release: One ex-bourbon barrel and one sherry cask which yielded 552 bottles at cask strength in the end.

Color: Light amber, wildflower honey color with fast but thick legs.

Nose: Kinda mute... Correction: Actually it's thin rather than being mute. Green grains, honey syrup and kumquats. Mineral water, Zante currants and candied orange peel. A couple drops of water add some faint fruity notes: Fresh apricots, pineapple rings and wet pebbles. I still think that it is thin...

Palate: Is this really 52.3%..? Pretty quaffable at this abv. Again feels quite diluted on the palate as well. Wet wool, cigar box and fresh raspberries Cranberry juice and leather gloves. Water works better on the palate than it did on the nose. It's more bitter now: Tobacco, lightly toasted wood and sweet paprika. Ground coriander.

Finish: Medium to long and a little tannic... Raw wood veneer sheets, roasted hazelnuts and cinnamon.

Overall: Although it's texture holds reasonably well the nose and palate feels somehow watered down... From the nose to the finish you get aromas and flavors you get really excited for but they kinda let you down along the way. All are faded and hidden behind a veil... It's a tasty session whisky I'll give you that and I would be happy to drink it anytime anywhere but it is a little underwhelming. Thanks to Ian Sunderland again for the sample.

Price: £90