Jacoulot Fine de Bourgogne...

Jacoulot Fine de Bourgogne (45.0%): Another bottle I was saving for the Holidays... I picked this bottle a couple weeks ago and we actually uncorked it last week. I have to say it's been pretty hard since to stop ourselves visiting the bottle repeatedly every day. It is bottled by Jacoulot one of my favorite producers from the region but this time the spirit in the bottle is not a Marc but a Fine. While generally Marc is distilled from grape pomace Fine is distilled from lees of the wines and in this particular case from lees of Pinot Noir wines produced in Cote de Beaune, Burgundy. The spirit is aged for a minimum of seven years in a combination of 228L French oak barriques and in 700l-800L French oak demi-muids in Jacoulot's cellars in Romaneche-Thorins before being blended together.

Color: Medium amber... Orange blossom honey, Sunburst finish Stratocaster color with an initial thin ring around the glass turning into thin and quick legs.

Nose: Candied orange peel and figs. Beurre noisette, grape seeds and honey simple syrup. Wet cellar funk, light caramel and praline... Some subtle marc qualities in shape of preserved grape leaves. Dill and more butter. 

Palate: Savory entry... Cheddar and dill scones, lambic beer and unsalted butter. It's thick and doughy. Warm baguette, bread crust and bone dry aged Fino sherry. Pickled walnuts, tarragon and lightly toasted oak.

Finish: Long with savory dough, pinch of salt and dried currants.

Overall: Loving it... In last two weeks I tried it next to my late night espresso, paired it with dark chocolate and desserts with heavy caramel sauce, sipped it before dinner and after dinner with just pears and apples. I feel like I enjoy it more and more every time I pour some. I think at this point it's time to admit and say out loud that I am a fan of Jacoulot... Great brandy...

Price: $100 (1 liter bottle)