Pusser's Rum 15yo...

Pusser's Rum 15yo (40.0%): Pusser's is the brand that introduced me to the world of rum... Before I discovered Pusser's Blue Label in brightly lit London pubs in late 90s I always thought that rum was a syrupy sweet and highly adulterated spirit better used as a mixer. But enjoying a glass of Blue Label chased by a pint of cask ale taught me that there is much more to learn about this wonderful distillate and many more to taste to figure out which ones suit me more. Although it is available pretty much everywhere in UK Pusser's expressions are actually hard to come by here in US. Therefore when I saw this relaunched 15yo expression formerly knows as "red label" with the brand new bottle design and supposedly with a new recipe on K&L's site last month I immediately got one. The rum in the bottle is blended using pot and column still distilled Guyanese rums sourced from Demerara Distillers and Port Mourant Distillery.

Color: Dark amber with a burnt orange shade and thick, oily but quite quick legs.

Nose: Worn leather watch band, sugar molasses and nutmeg. Allspice, fig paste and soft toffees. Brewed black tea, condensed milk and copper pennies.

Palate: Caramel peanut brittles, rum and raisin ice cream and steamed milk. Espresso beans, cacao nibs and biting down on a black rubber snorkel. Cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg. Pine honey and rosemary leaves.

Finish: Medium long with bitter chocolate pieces, coffee beans and black liquorice. 

Overall: This is a great rum... Although it is bottled at a quite low abv it is dense, chewy and packed with baking spice, caramel, coffee and chocolate notes. Well, let's be fair. It is definitely not one of the best bangs for your buck out there but it also doesn't under-deliver at all. It definitely delivers what you pay for. A great sipper...

Price: $73