Springbank 26yo Campbeltown "Virtual" Malts Festival'20...

Springbank 26yo Campbeltown "Virtual" Malts Festival'20 (51.1%): And it is time for this week's grand finale... Throughout the entire week I had the chance to taste all five Campbeltown "Virtual" Malts Festival'20 bottlings and post reviews of them here on the blog but today we finally (and sadly) reached the end. Thanks to our dear friend Ian Sunderland once more for generously sending me these samples from 5,000 miles away and making this happen. And I know Ian, you actually inserted two more terrific whiskies to the box and I surely will taste them later... But now it's time for a long drum roll and a cymbal crash for the fifth and last sample..! A 26yo Springbank double-cask vatted from two refill Bourbon hogsheads. Both casks were filled in 1993 and bottled in 2020 to yield 432 bottles in total. Sorry, I cannot wait a second longer... I already started to drool on the keyboard. I am pouring this whisky right away...

Color: Oaked Chardonnay, yellow gold color with a ring of small teardrops around the glass refusing to turn into legs until the time is right.

Nose: Dry cellar, chalk dust and clay soil. Sea spray, lemongrass and fresh spearmint leaves. Lemon powder, choco-bananas and pebbles. Just a couple drops of water and voila..! Old school confectionery shop, fresh jonquils and chewable vitamins. Irish Spring soap bars and kumquats. It's floral and sweeter now.

Palate: Orange peel, kumquats and white raspberries. Caraway seeds, ground coriander and salt. After adding touch of water: Meyer lemons, lemon curd and mineral water. Cellar dust, oyster brine and canned pears. Lightly toasted oak and pencil shavings.

Finish: Medium to long with lemon powder, white pepper and peppermint. 

Overall: Marvelous whisky... This is the very Springbank profile I fell in love with years ago. It's briny, mineral and chalky. Amazingly well balanced... Starts with citrusy and herbal notes first and then shifts gently to a more floral and spicy place. I believe that you cannot go wrong with Springbank distillate in refill bourbon casks. You simply cannot... All that distillate needs is time and patience. Yep, hell of a whisky but definitely way out of my league. I am glad that I have been given the chance to taste it though. Thanks Ian..!

Price: £425