Waterford Dunmore Edition 1.1...

Waterford Dunmore Edition 1.1 (50.0%): And the second "Single Farm" release from Waterford I am tasting is the "Dunmore Edition 1.1"... If you want to reach all the info you can possibly get about this release you can click this "link" (F017E01-01) or I can give you a quick summary here: It is an almost four years old release exclusive to US market. The whisky is distilled in July 2016 and bottled in August 2020 when it was only a few days shy from being four years old. This time it is aged in a combination of 1st fill ex-Bourbon, new American oak, ex-wine and ex-sherry casks sourced from different producers and also used in different percentages when compared to Dunbell Edition 1.1. It is a bigger release of 13,000 bottles as well.

Color: Touch darker... Oaked Chardonnay, honeysuckle color with very persistent, barely moving oily legs.

Nose: A little mute in the beginning... Chamomile tea, sage and linden flowers. Hay bales, spearmint leaves and clay soil. Adding a few drops of water adds: Stack of old newspapers in the basement, wet wool and cask aged genever. It's more approachable now.

Palate: Dry crunchy malt, breakfast cereals and unsweetened banana chips. Dusty and chalky... Just a couple drops of water makes it more enjoyable like it did on the nose and also thickens the texture. It's creamy and buttery now. Cream soda, cloves and star anise. That genever idea I came up with earlier is now stuck in my mind... Mostly because I love genevers but I certainly get it on the palate as well now. Sourdough bread, unsalted butter and lightly toasted oak. Red pepper flakes, cacao nibs and lightly roasted coffee beans.

Finish: Medium to long with cloves, cinnamon and star anise. This whisky is begging to be used in a hot toddy...

Overall: I enjoyed this one a little more than Dunbell Edition 1.1. It's spicy, herbal and feels like it benefited quite beautifully from the slightly lower percentage of new oak casks used in the vat again compared to Dunbell Edition 1.1. Thanks a lot to Glass Revolution Imports and Raj Sabharwal for providing the samples for these posts. Next one in the line will be Rutclogh Farm Edition 1.1.

Price: $95