Kirkland Speyside Single Malt 22yo...

Kirkland Speyside Single Malt 22yo (46.0%): Another mystery malt from Alexander Murray bottled exclusively for Costco supermarket chain... This one is a 22 year old malt from an undisclosed Speyside distillery which spent its entire life in ex-bourbon barrels before being transferred into Oloroso sherry casks for an additional six months. According to the rumors out there what we have in the bottle might be sourced from Glenrothes but we will never know for sure. It costs only $80 a bottle though... Who said 2020 was nothing but bad news after all..?

Color: This is dark... Suspiciously dark. Dark amber, buckwheat honey dark with a reddish mahogany hue and quick but thick and very oily looking legs.

Nose: Orange marmalade, damp basement carpet and rum raisin ice cream. Blueberry juice, lightly brewed black tea and tannins. Used book shop and touch of sulphur.

Palate: Nice creamy, sweet and fruity entry: Golden raisins, plum preserve and sweetened grape juice. Although a little thin in texture it's packed with sherry cask influenced flavors... Pipe tobacco, fig paste and cinnamon sugar. Brandy soaked malt. Is this actually a real thing..? Marzipan and candied orange peels.

Finish: Medium to long with black tea, grape skins and cacao powder.

Overall: It is a pretty generic sherry matured/finished whisky and I agree with others that there is nothing unique to find to put you in awe but I cannot imagine anyone complaining about this bottle as well. Especially after paying $80 only... If you see one get one, seriously... Thanks to Koray Kaan Ă–zdemir a.k.a. Whisky Monster for the sample. 

Price: $80