Chapter 7 Miltonduff 21yo...

Chapter 7 Miltonduff 21yo (49.7%): Back at the tasting desk and back to the Chapter 7 samples..! I admit that I saved the more expensive ones for last, so let's see if they are the better ones as well... This one is a 21 year old Miltonduff. You might have not seen (or heard of) Miltonduff bottlings around a lot but it is actually the 17th biggest malt whisky distillery in Scotland pumping 5.8 million liters of alcohol per year for all kind of blends of Pernod Ricard but mainly for Ballantines. This particular single cask was distilled in 1998, aged in an ex-Bourbon hogshead and bottled in 2020 at cask strength yielding 238 bottles in total.

Color: Lemon chiffon, white wine color with oily and pretty slow legs hesitantly starting to move down after gently swirling the whisky in the glass.

Nose: Very mineral and citrusy... Lemon juice, clementine peel and apricot pits. Lemon cheesecake and graham cracker crust under... Brewer's yeast, canned pineapple rings and ground coriander. With water it gets even more citrusy: Yellow grapefruit, kumquats and cold ocean breeze. Very Campbeltown-esque...

Palate: Peat..? Maybe just a hint..? I wonder... Cookie dough, peaches and fresh ginger. Spearmint drops, vanilla and white cranberry juice. With water: Cream soda, dried apple rings and cinnamon.

Finish: Long with eucalyptus, pebbles in the river and candied pineapples.

Overall: This was quite unexpected... Seriously good whisky. Touch of salt, abundant amount of minerality, menthol and lots of citrus all perfectly balanced in one bottle. A whisky rewarding your patience by adding layer after layer every minute you allow it to air in the glass. I am definitely encouraged to look out for more Miltonduff bottlings. I loved it...

Price: £130