Darroze Domaine de Bouillon 1976...

Darroze Domaine de Bouillon 1976 (41.9%): After the slight underwhelming experience with the Domaine de Monturon 1982 the other day I decided to delay returning back to whisky samples a little longer and taste a few more Armagnacs. I want to leave on a high note after all... So, today's pour is going to be the Darroze Domaine de Bouillon 1976. It is one of the rare Armagnac-Ténarèze bottlings from Darroze (actually the only one I am aware of) since they are known about representing producers from Bas-Armagnac region only. Domaine de Bouillon is situated in Montreal in Gers and uses 100% Ugni Blanc grapes to distill their brandy. This cask is picked and bottled by Darroze in 2016 when it was 40 year old.

Color: Medium to dark amber, walnut stained furniture color with hesitant and thick legs.

Nose: Cocoa powder, grape molasses and tart fig paste. Aged Pedro Ximenez sherry, rum soaked raisin cake and nutmeg. Sticky toffee pudding, rain soaked forest floor and wild mushrooms.

Palate: Mouth drying, tart and  tannic but in a most beautiful way... Welch's Concord grape jelly, tart Damson plums and passion fruit. Toasted wood, medlar and cinnamon. Unripe peaches, dried apricots and dried cranberries. 

Finish: Dry, long but very gentle... Passion fruit, poached plums and fruit cake.

Overall: Speaking of high note: Boom..! Absolutely great Armagnac... Incredibly well aged and dry with just enough tannins and mold but still vibrant with tart, fruity and spicy. Now, that's a bottle to dream of and a domaine to look for... Thanks again to Brian Borger for the sample.

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