Darroze Domaine de Monturon 1982...

Darroze Domaine de Monturon 1982 (40.8%): Let's have a short break from whisky posts... The blog has been very whisky busy lately and I have quite a few Armagnac samples I am sitting on since I received them in early December as a result of a five-bottle split among some brandy enthusiasts... First one I randomly picked from the box is a 37 year old brandy distilled in 1982 by Domaine de Monturon exclusively from Baco grapes. It is filled in casks coopered from locally sourced French oak trees and kept in the wet cellars of the estate till they were picked and bottled by Darroze in 2019.

Color: Medium to dark amber, chestnut honey / mahogany color with runny but thick and oily looking legs.

Nose: Water-based wood varnish, mineral spirits and dried dates. Walnut brownies, caramel filled hard candies and old leather upholstery. Dried Black Mission figs and vintage leather jackets.

Palate: Grape seeds, almond skin and dark chocolate. Very thin almost watery... Lightly brewed black tea, Belgian dubbel ale and old newspapers. It tastes good but the texture is so thin which really makes the whole experience a little underwhelming.

Finish: Medium to short with roasted nuts, roasted grains and burnt sugar.

Overall: Everything the nose suggested such as baked nuts, caramel, leather, etc. were kinda ok but sadly the palate failed to deliver any of those or to add anything else on top except the subtle roasted malt notes which I actually liked and some light tannins. I really craved a thicker mouthfeel and a longer finish. It definitely needs more oomph... Where is the volume knob when you need one..? Millions of thanks to Brian Borger for organizing this bottle share. More to come...

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