Watt Whisky Allt-a-Bhainne 23yo...

Watt Whisky Allt-a-Bhainne 23yo (51.3%): Next sample in the row from Watt Whisky's November 2020 release: This one is from a modern age distillery so to speak. Allt-a-Bhainne was built in 1975 purely to supply malt whisky for various Chivas blends and still continues its mission in full capacity today to do so... It is known that they distill lightly peated spirit from time to time as well but I am not sure if this bottling is peated or not. We will see... The whisky in the sample bottle is distilled in 1997 and aged in an ex-Bourbon hogshead for 23 years yielding 241 bottles at cask strength when bottled.

Color: Oaked white wine, pale lemon chiffon color with continuous thick and oily legs all around the glass.

Nose: Pine resin, mastic and dried peppermint. New office carpet, kiwis and mulberries. Prickly pears, passion fruit and lightly brewed green tea.

Palate: Dry old hardwood, meyer lemons and pomelo peel. Brewed green tea note pops up on the palate as well with some grape leaves and lime juice. Citrusy cake batter and copper pennies.

Finish: Medium to long, a little metallic with lime and savory pastries.

Overall: If there was any peat in this whisky I didn't get it to be honest... A good, solid ex-bourbon cask maturation which I've been always a huge fan of. Timing to get the whisky out of that cask and bottle it is spot on. Impeccable cask management... I really hope that the recent changes in bottle size regulations in US will make it easier for Watt Whisky and other new and rather smaller independent bottlers to enter the American market. I am looking forward to see their whiskies on the shelves here in US.

Price: £123