Watt Whisky Dailuaine 12yo...

Watt Whisky Dailuaine 12yo (57.8%): Well, it took exactly a whole month for the second batch of Watt Whisky samples to arrive to Los Angeles after leaving Campbeltown but they finally got dropped into my mailbox the day before. I actually was quite certain that they were enjoyed in a US Postal Service distribution center holiday party in an obscure town and to be honest I was feeling surprisingly ok with that idea. But nevertheless here they are... First sample I will pouring today is a 12yo single cask Dailuaine. Last year I tasted a couple of distillate driven Dailuaine bottlings and was immediately hooked with their buttery, creamy and waxy texture. This one is distilled in 2008 and bottled in 2020 from an ex-Bourbon hogshead which yielded 312 bottles at cask strength in the end. 

Color: Very pale straw, young white wine color with fat teardrops around the glass unwillingly turning into slow moving oily legs.

Nose: New make, fresh cut grass and lemongrass. Freshly unwrapped soap bars, clay pots and mineral water. After letting it air and adding a couple drops water: Underripe apricots and peaches, daisies and candied cherries. Lightly toasted brioche slices and yeast.

Palate: Pretty hot at this abv. Plantains, chamomile tea and bitter greens. Adding water right away and it works great... Grilled pineapple rings, dry and crunchy malt and pine nuts. Pine honey, peppermint and beeswax. Matcha, Bourbon new make and bread dough.

Finish: Long, very long... Starts with white pepper and ends with white pepper. Ground ginger and ground coriander.

Overall: I liked it but it might not be everyone's cup of tea... It is an extremely spirit focused, grassy, yeasty and mineral whisky exactly like I was hoping it to be. The whisky in the bottle doesn't really give you a lot of reasons to talk about the cask it got matured in or about its age. It's just a laser focused spirit minding its own business... Besides all of that please take a look at the price tag they attached to the neck of the bottle. Amazing, isn't it? Loving it...   

Price: £55