Watt Whisky "An Orkney Distillery" 14yo...

Watt Whisky "An Orkney Distillery" 14yo (60.9%): I am back to where I left off with the second batch of Watt Whisky releases and today's sample is a whisky distilled by one of those "undisclosed" distilleries. Well, this time it is a relatively easier guessing game since the label already indicates that the whisky is distilled on Orkney Islands and the distillery situated slightly more north is definitely the more likely candidate. The whisky is distilled in 2006 and finished in a ruby port cask for five months before being bottled in 2020 when it was 14 year old. The cask yielded 307 bottles at a surprisingly whopping strength of 60.9% which makes me wonder if this cask was filled initially at a higher proof than the usual practice or if it was stored in a very dry or climate controlled warehouse. Anyway, moving on...

Color: Medium amber with a peach/pink hue and a light shade of rosewood color. Very intriguing color... An initial ring of teardrops turning quickly into thick and oily legs coating the entire glass.

Nose: Cranberry juice, four fruit jam and hibiscus tea. Cherry soda, dried strawberries and rose wine. After letting it sit in the glass for a couple minutes: Unlit matches, stewed fruits and very distant sweet peat. Adding water elevates the peat more... Charcoal, graphite and rose jam. Dry lumber and dried flowers.

Palate: Hot and bone dry at this abv but still delivers: Subtle peat, hint of sulphur and cranberry juice. Yes, water improves the palate immensely: Red plums, dried cherries and dried cranberries. It's also doughy now. Crispy cookies, red currants and Campari.

Finish: Medium to long with red jams, cranberry sauce and hibiscus.

Overall: Leaving my continuing unimpressed-ness by this particular distillery aside I have to admit that this is a very playful cask. All the red fruit notes added by the ruby port cask in such a short period of time work great on top of the subtle peaty and floral character of the distillery's spirit. In spite of starting the tasting with all the prejudices I carry with me I ended up liking this whisky quite a lot. Definitely recommended to the fans of the distillery and for all the port cask lovers out there.

Price: £75