Blend Project #20 Faultline (revisited)...

Faultline Blended Scotch Whisky (50.0%): Let's see what has changed, if anything at all, with the second batch of the Douglas Laing & Co.'s Faultline blend compared to its first which I tasted all the way back in February 2016... To be honest a whisky I consumed multiple bottles of from its first batch deserves a second visit anyway. On the other hand I am pretty sure that a small batch blend bottled exclusively for a single retailer, in this case for K&L Wine Merchants, will definitely have some batch differences which I am looking forward to actually. K&L's website says that the whisky is blended using Islay, Island and Highland single malt whiskies and it is not caramel colored. It is bottled at 50% abv.

Color: Almost clear... Very pale lemon chiffon, straw color with good size, oily and slow legs.

Nose: Walking into the still room of a coastal distillery: Peaty new make spirit, sea spray and wet sand. Seaweed, grilled lemon rings and olive brine. Salted butter, green peat and freshly shucked oysters. A couple drops water elevates medicinal notes: Band aid, iodine and also fresh cut grass. 

Palate: Because of the youth on the nose I was getting ready for a more challenging entry but it is quite pleasing on the contrary: Buttery, vegetal and salty... Savory and flaky pastries, sea salt and some European fruit eau de vie. Adding water makes it a little doughy and also maybe less salty. Fresh brioche bread, plum brandy and pine resin. 

Finish: Medium long with white and black pepper, ground ginger and new make.

Overall: Looks like it has a very similar profile to the first batch... I obviously don’t have any of the first batch left to compare it right now but after checking my previous notes I think it is fair to say that the first batch was a little more vegetal and greener and more peaty but this one is just a little more salty and doughy and less peaty. It is such a good everyday Scotch to sip in the backyard or on the patio under the sun, it would pair great with your favorite ale anytime of the day and would make any highball you can think of better. I am already ordering another one right now... This will be a great bottle to have around during hot Summer months.

Price: $25