Hamilton Navy Strength...

Hamilton Navy Strength (57.0%): This is actually a brand I was planning to start to explore for quite a while but somehow it took way more than I thought it will. Well, this might be the first expression from Hamilton's line-up being featured on the blog but it certainly won't be the only one. Although this rum is officially known as Hamilton Navy Strength almost everyone I know calls it "Hamilton 114"... It is a blend of 40% high proof Jamaican pot still rum from Worthy Park Estate distillery and 60% high proof aged Guyanese rums allowed to mingle for 48 hours before being diluted to imperial 100 proof.

Color: Medium amber, chestnut honey color with an orange hue and quick, thin but impressively oily looking legs.

Nose: Rubber tubes, dark Muscovado sugar and ripe bananas. Sticky toffee pudding and burnt top rice pudding. With a few drops water: Dried apricots, dried figs and candied pecans. New car tires and maple pecan pie...

Palate: Toasted fennel seeds, butterscotch and burnt pineapple upside-down cake. I am sure it can handle a few drops of water just fine: Jamaican rum funk amplified now and even more cooked fruits on the plate: Black currants, raisins and Damson plums. Caramel latte, milk chocolate and condensed milk.

Finish: Long with coffee con leche, cinnamon and dark sugar.

Overall: Amazingly well executed blend... Good for sipping and good for all your cocktail needs you can think of. There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this rum. Well priced, high proof and damn tasty. As a fan of Jamaican and Guyanese rums this bottle checks off all the boxes for me. Seriously I couldn't find anything to complain.

Price: $30