Ladeveze 1992 "Private Whisky Society" pick...

Ladeveze 1992 "Private Whisky Society" pick (56.0%): And here is the last sample from our five-bottle split organized by Brian Borger back in December... It is a 1992 Ladeveze Armagnac bottled exclusively for the online whisky shop/club Private Whisky Society based in France. It is distilled 100% from Folle Blanche grapes and bottled at 56%.

Color: Polished copper pennies, cherry wood color with immediatly forming thick, quick and oily legs.

Nose: Hot chocolate, cinnamon and dried black currants. Eggnog, savory and flaky pastries and apple skin. Ziplock bags and fennel seeds. Way more fragrant after a couple drops water. Dried flowers, very old school perfume bottles and antique shop.

Palate: Tart and dry... Underripe blackberries, black cherry soda and cassis lambic beer. Cinnamon sticks, Toasted oak and over brewed black tea. Wood started to grow a little too much... Too tannic... Time to add a few drops of water and see if it helps. A little better: Chocolate truffle, salted caramel drops and mochaccino.

Finish: Medium long but still pretty bitter and tannic. Dry toasted wood, prunes and dried figs.

Overall: Great spirit, no doubt about it but just a little too tannic for me... I like all the bitterness and tartness I can get in aged spirits but not at the cost of losing all the fruity and spicy qualities. Again, don't get me wrong... If I had a full bottle I would be more than happy to sip this anytime anywhere with zero complaints but I think it spent a little too much time in wood. Thanks to Brian Borger for arranging all these samples.

Price: €139