L'Heritier-Guyot Vieux Marc de Bourgogne Reserve...

L'Heritier-Guyot Vieux Marc de Bourgogne Reserve (42.0%): I have a quite unexpected and lucky auction win on my desk today which would never happen without the help and persistence of Brian Borger... Thanks a million Brian..! It is a Marc de Bourgogne from 1980s bottled by L'Heritier-Guyot which is a producer from Dijon currently known more for their line-up of creme de cassis bottlings and also some other liquors. Back in May I had the chance to taste their Vieux Marc de Bourgogne VSOP from 1970s and I absolutely fell in love with it... So needless to say I am pretty chuffed about tasting this one. 

Color: Very pale yellow color, like a young house white wine with quick forming and thick legs.

Nose: Preserved grape leaves, grape seeds and the smell of the backyard herb garden right after the sprinklers shut off... Textbook young pomace brandy: Hazelnut skins, damp basement rugs and wet newspaper stacks. Indications of oxidation and some new make aromas. Rotten grape clusters on the vine...

Palate: Doesn't have the harshness of young alcohol like I was expecting... It tastes young indeed but in great shape and there are no signs of oxidation whatsoever. It tastes like a well rested un-aged grappa actually. Thin textured but a very satisfying mouthfeel. Olive brine, salted butter and Ricotta cheese. Unsweetened grape molasses, green peppercorns and underripe pears. It gets quite sweeter after allowing enough time in the glass: Pear drops, young Calvados and white cranberry juice. Also not so funky... There is a good chance that all that funk disappeared in the bottle after all those years.

Finish: Long with grape curd, lemon peel and ground coriander.

Overall: This bottle is in great shape... Thank you again Brian Borger..! I was so prepared for a heavily oxidized spirit probably. because of the screw cap but the shape the bottle is in surprised me beyond words. Minimal wood influence, not as funky as you would expect, sweet and earthy and vegetal. A perfect entry level Marc de Bourgogne and would make the best caffĂ© corretto like Brian suggested earlier to me... Hmm, maybe tomorrow morning...

Price: $37