Roger Groult Calvados Pays d'Auge 13yo Jurançon Cask Finish...

Roger Groult Calvados Pays d'Auge 13yo Jurançon Cask Finish (50.3%): Continuing our "3 days of Calvados" series. It is day two and today's sample is another cask finish experiment from Roger Groult. This time we have a 13 year old Calvados and the cask used for finishing it is a cask previously held Jurançon wine. First things first, Jurançon is a late harvest sweet wine produced in south west France. It is made from white grape varieties Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng and Courbu farmed on steep slopes of Pyrenees. After nine years of initial aging in a used Calvados cask the spirit got moved to an ex-Jurançon cask sourced from Domaine Cauhapé for another 3 1/2 years and bottled in December 2020. Only 264 bottles in total have been made available.

Color: Light shade of copper, orange blossom honey color with pretty large teardrops keeping their shapes for quite a while before turning into thick, slow and oily legs.

Nose: Beautiful baked apples, pear compote and apple juice notes jump right out of the glass. Lemon curd, chalk and plaster. After allowing it to air I certainly start picking sweet white wine notes: Late harvest Riesling and Sauternes... I bet a Jurançon would nose pretty much the same but I never had one before. Cooked mushrooms, moss and lemon cough drops. A few drops water add floral aromas: Jonquils, rose water and dried strawberries.

Palate: Red delicious apples, lightly spiced and sweetened cider and cinnamon sugar. Some nice bitter notes develop in time: Chamomile tea, lightly toasted oak and (I know it's an odd thing to ass but) some old Port. Adding carefully some water... Slightly burnt iron skillet apple pie, Lillet Blanc and oaked white wine.

Finish: Medium (would love to have it longer...) with vanilla, dried flowers and dry sherry.

Overall: It is a great Calvados, nobody can say anything otherwise but throughout the entire tasting I couldn't help myself thinking all the time: "What if they left this in its original cask longer instead of racking it..?" Although I could detect the add-ons on the nose I kinda had hard time to find clues of the Jurançon cask on the palate to be completely honest. In the end like I mentioned before it is a great bottling and totally different compared to the Kriek Cask Finish I posted about yesterday. A total joy to sip... Thanks again to PM Spirits for the sample.

Price: $135