Domaine D'Esperance VSOP "PM Spirits Project for Bourbon Steak and Corkdorks"...

Domaine D'Esperance VSOP "PM Spirits Project for Bourbon Steak and Corkdorks"
 (51.6%): This small batch VSOP Armagnac I will be tasting today is blended by PM Spirits exclusively for the wine and spirits shop Corkdorks and the Steakhouse Bourbon Steak both located in Nashville, Tennessee. The intension behind this project was to create an Armagnac with a distinct profile to attract the Bourbon loving crowd in Nashville. Four different casks were selected from Domaine D'Esperance cellars for this task all containing spirits distilled between 2012 and 2015 from Baco grapes only and after the blending process they got bottled at cask strength without any additives.

Color: Medium to light amber, orange blossom honey color with oily and thick but quick legs.

Nose: It is a quite woody, young and grainy nose... Actually it noses like a sherry matured Single Grain Scotch Whisky: Black currant jam, brown sugar and poppy seed filling. Candied pecans, golden raisins and charred new wood. I added a couple drops of water but I'm not sure if I did good or not: Pine Sol, artisanal herbal soap bars and that new bought t-shirt smell.

Palate: Feels even younger on the palate than it did on the nose. Milk chocolate, roasted hazelnuts and mint chips. Bitter cacao nibs, lightly roasted coffee beans and young rye whiskey. After adding water: Charred wood, birch beer and prune juice. Very "crafty" if you are familiar with American craft spirits and I don't mean it in a bad way... It's just young and woody but it tastes good.

Finish: Medium long with some young alcohol burn, white pepper, more charred wood and ground coriander.

Overall: Well, we all knew what they were going for and it looks like they pretty much nailed it... In the end is it tasty? Very much so... Would I sip it anywhere, anytime? Hell yeah, I would..! Would I buy a whole bottle for myself..? Hmmm, probably not... I like Bourbons and I like Armagnacs but I really don't need a bottle of any of those two tasting like the other one... But again, I totally get it. This would definitely open a bourbon drinker's mind and convince them to give a chance to aged brandies and if you also need a spirit to sneak in to a blind whisky tasting just to trick people's mind here is your bottle. Like always thanks to PM Spirits for sending this sample.

Price: TBD