Amrut Kadhambam...

Amrut Kadhambam (50.0%): Kadhambam means "combination" or "mixture" in Tamil... The whisky is blended from single malts initially finished in ex-rum, ex-sherry and ex-brandy casks which are married together and filled in refill ex-Bourbon casks for an additional final touch before being bottled. A lot to process, isn't it..? Well, it is indeed a complex process requiring the distillery to work in batches. What I am about to pour today is the batch #13 released in June 2019.

Color: Medium amber, wildflower honey color with thick, oily and slow moving legs all around the glass.

Nose: Oh, this is good... Roasted sesame seeds, Maraschino cherries and raw almonds. It really benefits from patience... Layers are being added one by one after allowing it air for a few minutes. Anjou pears, Meyer lemons and cigar box. Sweet pastry, dry peat and pie crust.

Palate: Doughy and creamy texture with half baked cookies, whipped cream and hot chocolate. Toasted oak staves, port wine and cream soda. Nutmeg, ground cloves and subtle peat. A well executed latte..! Dried apricots, clotted cream and cinnamon

Finish: Long with baking spices, cake batter and vanilla. Yummy...

Overall: This whisky is pretty amazing... All those different cask types and different finishes in the blend work seamlessly together. Balanced, layered and subtle but complex. A blending masterpiece... It has the complexity of a well executed blended malt. Gosh, I definitely should keep an eye for the next batch. I have to have a bottle...

Price: $120