Amrut Peated Cask Strength...

Amrut Peated Cask Strength (62.8%): Following Tuesday's Amrut Peated post with its cask strength version... It is basically the same whisky, distilled from the same imported peated Scottish malt and carries no age statement but this time instead of being bottled at %46 abv it is watered down only to %62.8 abv which is equivalent to 110 British proof. In India by law spirit producers are not allowed to bottle their products more than 110 British proof therefore there is a maximum abv for cask strength whiskies.

Color: Orange blossom honey, polished brass color with a persistent ring of thick and oily teardrops resisting for a very long time to start to run down as legs.

Nose: Chamomile tea, lemon zest and bees wax. Dried fruits: Papaya, mango slices and pineapple rings. Wooden bar counter, sea spray and cheese brine. More coastal and less smoky compared to regular Peated expression. Just a couple drops water: Linden flowers, straw bales and vintage furniture shop.

Palate: Although it is surprisingly drinkable at this abv. with beautiful dry lumber, sawdust and eucalyptus notes adding a few drops of water works absolute wonders: Charcoal, grilled asparagus, grilled green banana peppers and candied ginger. Yellow grapefruit, rock candies and vanilla. Peppermint leaves and clover honey.

Finish: Long with ground coriander, ground ginger, white pepper and wintergreen.

Overall: Quite hard to believe that this is actually the same whisky as the regular Amrut Peated but just bottled at a higher abv. It really feels like it is a different blend. There are so many additional layers both on the nose and on the palate... Well, if it is still not obvious I can say that I really liked it more than the regular strength. It is an expression I would happily pay the price difference for. Thanks to Raj Sabharwal and Glass Revolution Imports for the sample.

Price: $90