Glen Scotia Whisky Dinner 2019 Bottling...

Glen Scotia Whisky Dinner 2019 Bottling (58.0%): A review long overdue... This whisky was bottled exclusively for the attendees of the Glen Scotia Dinner on May 21st 2019 at Ardshiel Hotel took place as a part of the Campbeltown Malts Festival which we were lucky to be a part of. It is a seven year old whisky filled from a first fill ex-Bourbon barrel (#282) selected by Iain McAllister specifically for the event. It is distilled in 2012 and bottled in 2019. Only 150 bottles have been made available.

Color: Unoaked Chardonnay, pale lemon chiffon color with sizable and persistent teardrops around the glass hesitantly turning into slow moving legs. 

Nose: Rubber shoe soles, lemon drops and chamomile tea. Linden flowers, dry lumber and crunchy malt. Just a few drops of water: Breakfast cereals, corn muffin and sweet pastry. Pastry cream, meadow flowers and sea spray. Touch of peat... Maybe in form of spent charcoal or a bonfire on the beach the morning after.

Palate: Raw honey, lemonade and vanilla... New charred barrels, lemon zest and half baked cookies. The whiskey gets a little crafty in a best possible way after adding water. It is young and vibrant with fresh wood and dried flowers. Dried pineapple rings and coconut shavings. Crystallized ginger and ground coriander.

Finish: Medium to long with white pepper, ground ginger and new charred oak.

Overall: Such a good barrel choice to highlight the Glen Scotia spirit... It is young indeed but not rushed. The barrel the whisky spent time was not shy at all. Although I still can taste how good the Glen Scotia new make is the crunchy cereal, pastry cream and lemon notes added by the wood are spot on... My kinda whisky for sure...

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Glen Scotia Dinner at Ardshiel Hotel // May 21st, 2019...