Willow Creek Distillery Plum Brandy...

Willow Creek Distillery Plum Brandy (40.0%): Right when I thought that I couldn't find another one here is another plum brandy. It is distilled by Willow Creek Distillery founded and still owned by Opolo Vineyards located in Paso Robles, California. They have a pretty extensive line-up of brandies, liquors, grappas, whiskeys and whatnots. This brandy is distilled from Damson plums after being de-stoned and macerated and aged in French oak casks for a minimum of two years. It really sounds like it is produced in the fashion of a traditional East European Slivovitz.

Color: Pale straw, young white wine color with oily and thick but relatively fast moving legs.

Nose: Irish Spring soap bars... Opening a fresh box of dryer sheets, jonquils and hyacinths. It develops after airing quite well: Quince paste, plum jelly and balsa wood. It's refreshing, maybe a little soapy and over the top perfumy in the beginning but it develops beautifully in time. It is strangely attractive now. I really cannot stop myself nosing it... It really grew on me in last ten minutes.

Palate: Watery and rather thin in texture in the beginning. Peppery and slightly bitter entrance with black peppercorns, coriander seeds and ground ginger. It really reminds me Jelinek Slivovitz at its core. Creme de Cassis, black mulberries and plum jam. Nice creaminess building up at the back of the palate in time: Cream soda, condensed milk and fresh mint leaves.

Finish: Medium long with heavy cream, white pepper and paprika.

Overall: I really liked this one... It is very traditional, not gimmicky and pretty much spot on. Benefits from airing immensely and develops nicely in glass both on the nose and on the palate. And that additional creaminess gained from cask aging works great. I am surprised, pleasantly surprised... A big Thank You..! to Aaron Krouse from "It's just the booze dancing" fame for the sample...

Price: $45