Glen Moray Classic Single Malt...

Glen Moray Classic Single Malt (40.0%): Let's take a deep dive into Glen Moray's Classic Series this week... Classic Series are the entry level whiskies of Glen Moray's vast portfolio and includes their flagship expression Classic which is aged in ex-Bourbon barrels, as well as five different cask finishes of the very same whisky and a peated expression. None of them carries age statement and all of them are bottled at 40% abv. So, the plan is to start with the plain Classic today and then we will follow up with three cask finishes to see how they compare and finally close out the week with a quite special expression if we have time left for it.

Color: Yellow gold, white wine color with immediate but slow, thick and oily legs.

Nose: Lemon curd, butter and wood shavings. Fresh ginger, jonquils and dry garden soil. A little mute but a pretty satisfying nose.

Palate: Less exciting than the nose to be honest: Lemon zest, hint of new make and dried pineapple rings. Giving it a few minutes and allowing it to air helps though. Vanilla, ground coriander and potpourri (dried flowers). Some grassiness: Lemongrass, fennel stalks and fresh tarragon. Quite young on the palate...

Finish: Longer than I expected... Medium with ground ginger, lemon powder and a little bit of white pepper.

Overall: I am pretty sure that I didn't taste a Cutty Sark after the brand got acquired by La Martiniquaise and feel free to call it "power of suggestion" of course but this whisky noses and tastes like it naturally belongs to the Cutty Sark recipe. The lemony and grassy core of this malt is an effortless match for the Cutty Sark blend for my two cents... Anyway, the whisky itself it is one of the best price-to-value ratios single malts in the market if not the best. The price of this bottle is virtually unbeatable... A perfect pub malt to accompany your pint of beer. Let's see how cask finishing will add to this young spirit. Many thanks to Koray Kaan Ozdemir a.k.a. Whisky Monster who is the US Portfolio Ambassador for 375 Park Avenue Spirits for providing the samples.

Price: $30