Foursquare Criterion...

Foursquare Criterion (56.0%): I am quite lucky that I managed to score some of these early Foursquare bottlings when it was way easier to get. We uncork them one by one and the latest one we chose to do so is the "Criterion" released in 2017. It is a 10 year old rum blended from both pot still and column still distillates and aged first in ex-Bourbon barrels for three years and then transferred to ex-Madeira casks for another seven years. Only 2,000 bottles have been made available in US market.

Color: Medium amber, chestnut honey color with a ring of small teardrops turning into thin, quick but oily legs.

Nose: Honey roasted walnuts and pecans, silverberries and dates. Not a very sweet nose but it's dusty and chalky. Golden raisins, baby bananas and orange blossom honey. A couple drops water amplifies the wood: Toasted oak, carpenter's shop and roasted pine nuts. Dark chocolate and toasted coconut. 

Palate: Sweet and spicy: Fried honey bananas, cloves and grape brandy. Young rye whiskey and pecan brittles. I cannot believe that I forgot to add a little water... Incredibly easy to sip at cask strength. With water the texture thins out a little. Smoky now: Grilled pineapple rings, campfire and skillet apple pie. Cinnamon, burnt custard and creme caramel. 

Finish: A perfectly balanced long coda with light char, wood smoke, allspice and roasted nuts.

Overall: Another home run from Richard Seale and for Foursquare... Impeccable cask management. Whatever they are doing there they are doing it right. I feel like every single bottling I taste is better than the previous one. Well, now I wish I had bought more than one bottle but too late. Unfortunately all the ones left out there unopened are serious auction material now...

Price: $80