Holmes Cay Travellers Distillery 15yo...

Holmes Cay Travellers Distillery 15yo (61.0%): Really enjoying this current rum run on the blog... 2nd sample from Southern California Whiskey Club's Holmes Cay tasting back in May is a Belizean rum from Travellers Distillery in Belmopan. It is a molasses based column distillate aged in ex-Bourbon barrels at location for the whole time. Four barrels are selected and bottled separately yielding 912 bottles in total at cask strength. Our sample carries the cask number 22.

Color: Some crazy color for an ex-bourbon barrel aged spirit: Dark amber, chestnut honey color with a blood orange hue... A ring of oily and thick teardrops quickly turning into fast legs.

Nose: Black cherry soda, creme de mure and black currant jam. Molasses, cola and roasted coconut flakes. Are we sure that those casks were ex-Bourbon casks? This is a quite thick, very jammy and intensely fruity nose... After allowing it to air: Old leather upholstery, old woolen rugs and prunes. Now adding a splash of water: Well aged Armagnac, plum paste and grape soda.

Palate: Hot at cask strength but bursting with flavors. Dried cranberries, dried mangoes and pipe tobacco. Milk chocolate and damson plums. With the addition of water: Armagnac again, ginger molasses cookies and cinnamon. Chocolate ice cream, maple syrup and nutmeg.

Finish: Medium to long with allspice, ground cloves and red pepper flakes.

Overall: Very fun to see how tropical climate can make us question everything we know of about ex-Bourbon barrel aging. It is dense, fruity and decorated with all kind of secondary notes you usually would associate with much older spirits. Although I am not a big fan of these type heavily cask driven spirits I very much enjoyed it. This rum is definitely punching above its weight, great cask management... Thanks to Southern California Whiskey Club and Michael Ries for the sample.

Price: $100